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About Us


Silkgateway is an online B2B E-Commerce platform that connects international buyers to local Afghan suppliers. We are also helping Afghan businesses in standardization, branding, packaging, photography and facilitating products export to the international market. Afghanistan is rich in terms of products like; fruits, nuts, carpet, natural stones, gemstones, medical herbs and saffron.
Silkgateway.com, as a complete service platform for foreign commerce, is dedicated to connecting Afghan suppliers and abroad customers, as well as offering one-stop services for increasing international commerce between Afghanistan and international market.
While we help Afghanistan to become an export oriented country, we also help our buyers to have the most convenient buying experience from Afghanistan that will include; products quality assurance and logistics.
SilkGateway.com is a service offered by Tonext Technology Services.

Why SilkGateway?

Fruits, nuts, carpet, wool, cotton, gems, medical herbs and hides & pelts are major exports of Afghanistan. Access to the international market, standardization, branding/packaging are some of the major issues that Afghan traders are facing. Silkgateway.com as an E-Commerce platform is helping traders access the international market and help connect buyers globally to the local supplies as well as help businesses in standardization, branding and packaging. In 2019, Afghanistan had an export of over 860 Million USD and is increasing.
Despite of the export capability and since Afghanistan has advantages versus many other countries in terms of some illustrated products, it has been seen the market accessibility, customer’s addressability and standardization in terms of marketing materials are some major identified problems in the market which are the biggest barriers for Afghanistan export capability. We believe that solving these issues might help in increasing the export of Afghanistan to a tremendous amount. Therefore, Tonext developed a platform; silkgatway.com that helps international buyers to connect to local Afghan supplies and handicrafts.
Silk Gateway is a B2B E-Commerce platform developed and operated by Tonext Ltd. It is dedicated to serve the international trade and logistics field by featuring, marketing and introducing Afghanistan’s supplies to the international buyers.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be the largest online marketplace and exporter of Afghanistan products to the international market in order to increase the exports and exporting capacity of the country.

Our mission is to connect international buyers to local Afghan suppliers through an online B2B E-Commerce platform.

About Tonext

Tonext is a specialized full service technology solutions company based in Afghanistan providing broad range of cost effective information technology solutions and services that will allow you to leverage the value of your technology investment and enhance efficiency, reliability and performance. With our highly qualified, motivated and experienced team of experts, we deliver efficient, effective and reliable solutions in order to put you in to a path of greater success and growth.
We meet and exceed our client’s goals with our unique, standard and strong business and technical ap-proaches. We practice transparency, effective communication, collaborative environment and customer cen-tric approaches along with standard technical methodologies in order to deliver more than expected results for our customers. Since 2014, we have worked with different sectors, including small businesses, non-profits, corporations and government providing variety of technology solutions to help meet our client’s business goals. We strive for excellence and we focus relentlessly on updating our capabilities with implementing effective and tested strategies combining with latest technologies for better results.